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Virtual Coach is a complete tool for a profesional analysis of football. It can be used for scouting Jobs, players reports, reports for rival teams, reports of own teams, player tracking and analysis and, finally, for video calls online consultations.

All players who have been tracked and have received reports with the Virtual Coach tool has improved his football level after a short time, using this tool we identify their strong points and their weak points to realize them what they have have to take profit of them and what they have to improve. Focusing on what they have to improve, they can practise them with the exercices we propose and their level increase in a short time.

With our profesional team, we can advice you about all the different sport areas (technique, tactical, physical, pscicological, nutrition and injuries recovering).

Using the same tool, we could make reports of rival teams and own teams and recommend what the own team has to do to beat the rival in the next match.

If you are a player, a coach or a club sport director and you want to increase your level, the level of your team or the level of your club, do not hesitate to contact us to talk about Virtual Coach.

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